Ski & Resort

  • Speedy rides from slopes close to the clouds 1,420 m above sea level
    O2 Ski gives you thrills and a speedy ride with the snowiest slopes in Korea and good quality snow. Beginners can enjoy a speedy ski at the top of the slope
  • Dynamic courses give you thrilling and safe rides
    Safety and function are the priorities in designing and arranging slopes for beginners, intermediate, and experts. The FIS has praised the 16 slopes in the O2 ski resort.
  • A wide range of facilities at the ski base
    A resting place at the peak overlooking Taebaek City and Hambaek Mountain.
    Features apron, Ski House, lifts and other facilities and accommodation including a youth hostel
  • An all-season leisure town at a great height
    Summer is full of wavering trees, pure water flowing down streams and watersports
    Winter brings the ski slopes; so the O2 resort is designed for all-season recreation