Introduction to the Company

  • Amazing adventures playing on the longest and highest ski slopes in Korea!
    Amaze your friends with long shots on a fabulous golf course!
    Rest while relaxing in a beautiful plateau!
    Enjoy the beauty of four seasons at a peak of 1,100 m above sea level.
    The O2 Resort gives you a wonderful and fantastic Amazing Story to bring home with you.
  • Golf Course on the plateau for your well-being and enjoyment - O2 GOLF&RESORT
    Golfers enjoy sports and thrills in a natural landscape, with environmentally-friendly greens and strategic courses.
  • Above the clouds overlooking beautiful scenery – O2 CONDO&RESORT
    The O2 Condominium and resort overlooks golf courses and ski slopes against a backdrop of blue skies. You can refresh your family in the forest plateau surrounded by natural beauty.
  • Thrill in ski slopes near to the sky – O2SKI&RESORT
    O2 Ski gives you thrills and a speedy ride with the snowiest slopes in Korea and guaranteed quality snow.