Banquets  & Seminars

A premium service just for you that is out of this world. The best service for all your needs, including family events, business workshops and meetings and conference facilities. Contact our staff to find out more information on the O2 Resort.
Contact for group events and seminars: 02-3468-7380~1

Arisu (Restaurant for groups)
  • Arisu borders the blue sky and the mountains. Arisu serves Korean, Western and Chinese food in many forms including a buffet. Its second floor includes banquet halls for group events, seminars, workshops, weddings and birthday parties.
    Location: Convention Center 1st Floor
Small Banquet Halls
  • Places for family events, birthdays, small banquets, engagement ceremonies, business and group meetings and seminars.
    Location: Convention Center 1st floor/Name of the Halls: Dasan, Danjae, Yeonam, Yulgok, Toegye
Large Banquet Halls
  • Place for family events, business workshops, meeting and convention. The halls are equipped with 5- language simultaneous interpretation system, broadband internet network and audio and video system. For a wedding, after-wedding ceremony and bride’s waiting rooms are provided.
    Location: Convention Center 2nd floor/Name of the Halls: Baekdu Hall, Hambaek Hall, Taebaek Hall