Facilities  & Recreation

O₂ Well-being Zone
  • You can recharge your batteries while resting and rejuvenating yourself.
    Location: Tower Condo 1st floor
  • O2 Sauna
    Outdoor bathtubs where couples and family can socialize together, specialty bathtubs (Hinoki, wine, fruits, sea water, alcohol, traditional medicine, chocolate, lemon, wheat, strawberry) You must wear a swim-suit to use these facilities.
  • Thai Massage
    A traditional Thai health program relieves your stress and fatigue. It straightens your body, maintains your balance and supplements your energy, improving your body and mind and boosting happiness.

FUN & PUN Zone
  • Billiards, Screen golf, Karaoke, Computer room, Games room
    Many facilities are available for a pleasant stay for family, friends and couples.
    Location: Tower Condo 1st Floor

Local Produce Store

  • Quality local products and souvenirs, whose taste and quality have been recognized, are on sale.
    Location : Tower Condo B1 lobby
Chicken & Pizza Specialty Restaurant

  • You can enjoy beer, chicken, pizza, and hamburgers, which can be taken out and delivered.
    Location: Tower Condo 1st Floor
Convenience Store (FAMILY MART)

  • Ready-to-eat food and other daily products are on sale.
    Location : Tower Condo B1 lobby
Travel agency & Car rental

  • Tour guides and rental cars are provided for a pleasant trip.
    Location : Tower Condo B1 lobby
Sports Shops

  • Ski wear and equipment and local and overseas products are available in the shops.
    Location : Tower Condo B1 lobby